About the Student Representative

A student representative is a student chosen to speak on behalf of all other students here at WOLC. They provide a crucial link between students and teachers.

They raise issues which may be concerning others and take action in order to receive a positive result. You may also be working in a team of representatives to divide the work load; it’s your responsibility to pass on the information from students to teachers and from teachers to students.

Why Become a Student Representative?

There are several reasons to become a student representative at WOLC.

  • 1. To show support for your fellow students and college.
  • 2. To be the unheard voice of all the students at WOLC.
  • 3. To gain an insight to how things work in your College.
  • 4. You can improve your communication and leadership skills.
  • 5. Being a student representative will also give you an opportunity to learn and practise new life skills.

  • Most important you will participate in improvement of overall teaching and learning processes of the WOLC.

    How to Become a Student Representative?

    A student wanting to become a representative will be discussed between the class lecturer and course co-ordinator. Prospective students can also put themselves up for nomination for student representative based on their academic performances and also their attendance. The student must have 80% attendance. The student representative will be chosen by the class by the end of the first academic term. The voting system is either voting by raising hands or by taking part in a ballot. If there is no prospective candidate the student representative Coordinator will be informed by the designated programme leader. The student representative will then liaise with the class to assist in the selection process.

    Note: Please contact student services for more information

    Current Student Representatives:

          HIGHER EDUCATION COURSES (L4 to L7)             MR A AZHAR             01733-313438      
          FURTHER EDUCATION COURSES (up to L3)             Miss S ALI             07845769627      

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